Amebiasis: A Parasite Infection Caused By Protozoan

Amebiasis A Parasite Infection Caused By Protozoan

Amebiasis is a parasitic infection of the intestine, mainly caused by the protozoan Entamoeba histolytic. The symptoms include loose stool, abdominal cramping, and stomach pain. Now let’s look at the factors that cause the infection. Lack of proper sanitation is the common reason for amebiasis and the disease is common in the Indian subcontinent. Staying in an unhygienic condition is another factor associated with this disease.

About Amebiasis and the Causes

It is a single-celled protozoan that gets normally contracted by the ingesting food or water that is contaminated with amoebic cysts. When the cysts enter the body through different sources, it lodges in the digestive tract and releases an invasive called trophozoite. This parasite starts reproducing in the digestive tract and starts migrating to the large intestine. As a result, the person might start experiencing colitis, bloody diarrhea and even the destruction of tissue. Not only this, other people can also get affected by this disease if the infected person releases new cysts into the environment by infected feces.

Who Are At Risk

Who are at risk from Amebiasis?

  • Consuming water and food that is contaminated
  • Anal or direct contact from person to person
  • Staying in an unhygienic conditions
  • Dwelling in a poor sanitation areas
  • Eating vegetables and fruits that are contaminated

Symptoms of Amebiasis

Amebiasis Symptoms
Amebiasis Symptoms

If a person is infected with this disease he/she can experience the symptoms like loose stools and stomach cramping. Besides, if the parasite gets breached into the intestinal walls, it can enter the bloodstream and then travel to the various internal organ and can end up infecting your liver, heart, lungs, brain and other organs as well. Moreover, if it enters in an internal organ, it can cause Abscesses infections, severe illness and sometimes death as well. Not only this, you can also experience amoebic dysentery as well, which is a more dangerous form of amebiasis. In such condition, the infected person experiences frequent watery and bloody stools and even simultaneously experiences severe stomach cramping.

Some other symptoms that you might experience are mentioned below:

  • Abdominal cramps and Diarrhoea
  • Passing of 3 – 8 semi-formed stools every day
  • Passing of stools with mucus and occasionally blood
  • Gas in the intestines and fatigue
  • Rectal pain with bowel movement
  • Fever, Vomiting and Weight loss

Diagnosis & Treatment of Amebiasis

In order to diagnose if you are affected by Amebiasis, your doctor needs to examine various things like what you ate, what you drank, your recent health and even your travel history. Your doctor may also test you to find out the presence of E. histolytica. Beside this, you may have to provide stool samples for several days and that would be needed to find out the presence of cysts.

Treatment of Amebiasis depends how severe the infection is and looking at the condition, your doctor would recommend you with the required drug. Usually oral antiparasitic drug is prescribed as this is the standard treatment for this disease. You may also be treated with antimicrobial medications and in severe cases where the person experiences amebic liver abscess may also require hospitalization and surgery.

The Bottom Line

In order to ensure that you do not fall prey to this disease, you should stay in proper sanitation and follow cleanliness. The next thing you need to do is to drink purified water and consuming fresh food. Make no mistake; get a water purifier today and drink purified water to avoid this waterborne disease. You should also make sure that you should wash the fruits and vegetables before eating. Besides, do not eat uncooked vegetables or uncleaned fruits.

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