Diarrhoea: Common Causes Treatment & Preventions

Diarrhoea Causes Prevention and Treatment

Diarrhoea is a condition when you experience bowel movement lose or watery. The definition would be passing of watery stools that occur for three or more times a day can be termed as Diarrhoea. However, you should not be confused with the frequent passing of stool of normal consistency. It occurs when the lining of the intestine becomes unable to hold the fluid. If you experience watery stool that lasts for more than 2 weeks, it means you are facing acute diarrhoea. On the other hand, persistent Diarrhoea is another kind that would last between 2 and 4 weeks and if the same loose or watery stool last longer than 4 weeks it is Chronic Diarrhoea.

Causes of Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea Causes

Diarrhoea is the most common health complaint and the condition can range from mild to temporary and finally to a potentially life-threatening one. The main common cause of diarrhoea is the infection of the intestines and that is caused due to the entry of virus, bacteria, or parasite. It is a condition that is also known as gastroenteritis. Infections of intestine are often acquired from consuming contaminated food or water. One can also face this problem directly from another person who is infected.  It has been studied that globally, Diarrhoea is one of the main reasons for the death of many people, especially children. According to the latest assessment of Health Ministry, around 328 Children die due to diarrhoea every day.

Some of the additional causes are mentioned below:

  • Intestinal infection that is caused because of virus, bacteria or parasite
  • A change in diet can also lead to diarrhoea
  • If you experience food intolerance, you can experience this disease
  • Drinking excess alcohol can also be a reason
  • If you have ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, you can face this problem
  • Coeliac disease can also be a reason for diarrhoea
  • Irritable bowel disease is another cause
  • Side effect of antibiotics or diabetes medications can also be a reason for diarrhoea

Symptoms of Diarrhoea


Diarrhoea occurs when fluid in your body cannot be absorbed from the contents of your bowel, or when extra fluid is secreted into your bowel and this causes watery stools. It is mainly caused by the germs, bacteria, and viruses present in the contaminated water or food. Diarrhoea falls under the type waterborne diseases and this particularly means that if you drink impure or unfiltered water, it might cause infection in your intestine resulting diarrhoea. The main sign of diarrhoea is loose or watery bowel motions. Some another signs and symptoms of diarrhoea would include.

  • Stomach pain
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Change in color of stools
  • Mucous, pus, blood
  • Fat in your stools
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Fever
  • Dehydration

Treatment of Diarrhoea


In most of the cases, diarrhoea gets resolved on its own and that too within a day or two, but if it remains for a long time, it should get treated. The most important part of treating diarrhoea would include staying hydrated and avoid eating contaminated food. Children those who face this problem should be given Oral Rehydration Solution as this can help replace the lost fluids. In India, only 54.4% children suffering from Diarrhoea receive ORS. Therefore, children are at high risk of getting the infection. Adults should also drink a lot of water and fruit juices. Milk and dairy product should be avoided in such condition for at least 1-2 days as this can you’re your disease even worse.

It is very important to drink water, but you should ensure that you are drinking purified water so that it can help reduce the chances of waterborne illnesses. Well, in this concern, having a water purifier in your home becomes a necessity and it can be the first step to prevent the spread of diarrhoea. The water purifier is a must because the water that we drink must be free from all harmful impurities and this can prevent the chances of getting affected. Talking about water purifiers, you would find that the market is flooded with different brands of purifiers like KENT, Aquaguard, Pureit, A.O Smith and many others. Amongst all, Kent is one of the most trusted brands in India because it provides a wide range of water purifiers. The purifiers of KENT ensure to deliver 100% filtered water by removing all the harmful impurities.

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Diarrhoea Prevention


In most of the cases, you would find that diarrhoea goes away within 48 hours, but if you find that the problem is not improving, you should seek instant treatment. WHO and UNICEF recommends zinc supplementation to be taken as a daily dose of 10-20 milligrams for children those who are facing acute diarrhoea. Though you can get the disease treated, the primary way to prevent diarrhoea is by consuming safe and pure water. Therefore, you should always maintain a high standard of hygiene. The following can help in preventing diarrhoea and these are mentioned below:

  • Avoid eating raw or undercooked food or seafood
  • Drink clean and safe water by filtering the supplied water using water purifier
  • Always wash hand thoroughly with soap and water after using the toilet and before eating or preparing food
  • Avoid ice made up of tap water
  • Eat food that has been thoroughly cooked
  • Maintain good sanitation systems
  • Avoid sharing towels and utensils with others


Diarrhoea is a common yet deadly disease, which is often caused because of eating contaminated foods and drinking impure water. So, in order to reduce the risk of this harmful disease, the best way is to maintain a high standard of hygiene. Beside this, it is also very important that you eat good food while traveling abroad and even avoid drinking unsafe tap water and undercooked food. Follow the above mentioned preventive measures to keep yourself safe from this waterborne disease.

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