Drinking Filtered Water Guarantees Safeguard from Waterborne Diseases

Drink Filtered Water to avoid waterborne diseases
Drink Filtered Water to Avoid Waterborne Diseases

Do you know waterborne diseases are the main cause of the deaths of millions of people throughout the world? Consuming the water that contains a high rate of pathogenic microorganisms can cause different types of waterborne diseases especially diarrhea, Typhoid, and dysentery is quite common. Such diseases are tremendously harmful and can lead to severe illness and sometimes the infected person can also be encountered to death as well. Thus, to ensure the prevention of waterborne diseases, you need to maintain high standards of hygiene, sanitation and even drink purified water.


Most of the people get affected when the impurities enter to your body. There are different sources that explains about the transmission of waterborne microorganisms and these are:

  • Through dirty contaminated hands
  • If consumed uncovered food or water
  • Drink contaminated water/unfiltered water

Though the problem is very serious, you can easily put a halt to these problems by taking necessary precautions. The first and foremost thing that you can do is to improve the quality of drinking water at the source itself. It is necessary that you disinfect the water before usage. There are many other precautionary measures that you can follow in order to stay free from waterborne diseases and these are mentioned below:

Prevention from Waterborne-Disease
Prevention of Waterborne Disease
  • Always drink filtered water
  • Make sure to store potable water in a clean container
  • You should daily wash the water jars or the containers where water is stored
  • Never eat anything without washing your hands because this is how microorganisms directly get in contact with you. Use soaps or sanitizers to wash your hand before you eat anything.
  • Eat home cooked food and avoid eating street food
  • Always wash food before you cook
  • Keep your foods covered every time this will restrict the entrance of bacteria or other micro-organisms

How Drinking Purified Water can Restrict Waterborne Diseases?

Purified water
Purified water – Prevention of Waterborne Diseases

The first and the foremost thing that you can do to stay safe from waterborne diseases is to drinking purified water. By drinking filtered water, you can stay protected from different waterborne illnesses. You might feel confident about the water that is supplied to your home, but do you know that it might contain a lot of harmful impurities in it? If you do not filter it properly before consuming, you are sure to fall sick. So, the easiest solution is to install a water purifier. Installing a water filter can block all the impurities present in the raw water and make you drink 100% pure and fresh.

Which Water Purifier To Purchase?

It is very clear that drinking filtered water can keep you safe from waterborne diseases. So, it is very important that you install a water purifier and start drinking pure water. Talking about the water purifier, you would find that there are many different brands available in the market. Brands like KENT, Aquaguard, Eureka Forbes and Pureit offers a wide assortment of models to meet your need. All these brands manufacture water purifiers and are made available in different categories, which you can purchase according to your choice and preferences. Depending on the presence of contaminants and the TDS level in the water you can select the water purifiers according to the purification technology. The usage of water purifier would ultimately ensure that all the suspended impurities and microorganisms are removed and you can drink 100% safe and pure water.

Final Words:

Do you want to stay healthy and remain free from waterborne diseases? If yes, then start staying in a hygienic manner and also maintain proper sanitation. Staying safe from waterborne diseases also includes drinking filtered water and eating freshly cooked food. There are different water purifier brands on the market that has a wide range of models. Pick the best oneĀ and install it at home as per your preference. So, bring home the best water purifier and stay safe from waterborne diseases.


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